Awe-Inspiring Designs

Made in Galicia Ideas

Forget about Scandinavian or Italian design. We have a really creative crowd here in Galicia. Check them out!

Madriguera Workshop

This is a creative workshop located in  A Coruña. Lydia and Luis are the two innovative minds behind the studio. With a background in fine arts and photography, they create handmade ceramics incorporating unique voguish designs. Madriguera’s face tray just was named a finalist in the 2020 Etsy Design Awards, and a few pieces are still available on Etsy. Don’t forget to visit their web:

Oitenta Design & Making

A studio that combines functionality and craftmanship without compromising style. Located in A Coruña, in a very quiet neighborhood and surrounded by other small shops, this unique studio owned by Rafael Fernandez creates pieces that are unique and convey emotions.


Ana Tenorio is the mastermind behind this ceramic studio. She creates unique pieces for unique people. Inspired by nature her work transport us to wild, captivating places. Her tableware is used by renowned chefs and restaurants.

Check her out:

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