Spain Destinations: Pallozas De Piornedo, Celtic Stone Huts In Galicia

Piornedo is a village located in Sierra de Ancares, a mountain range in the province of Lugo. It is a unique place not only for the impressive views but for the well preserved ancient huts that are a crucial part of this village. Pallozas are circular stone huts with a conical roof of straw. They are supposed to be of Celtic origin (the way they are built and the materials are similar to those used for over 20 centuries).

 When you go inside one of this Celtic huts you feel a little intimidated as you try to recreate the way of living inside this small structures. The interior consists of a room, a kitchen and a stable, yes, animals lived there too! There were no dividing walls, just an open space.

Preservation of these huts is a great challenge as it is not an easy or cheap task and there are not many people who know how to do it. I highly recommend you visit both Piornedo and Sierra de Ancares for an unforgettable experience.

You can view this link for more info:


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