Spain Getaways: Ezaro, A Unique Waterfall In Galicia

You would never imagine that such a small village as Ezaro, on the Galician coast, could hide such natural beauty. Ezaro Waterfall, River Xallas (A Coruña) is the only Southern European waterfall that runs directly into de Atlantic Ocean.

The Ezaro Waterfall Route

As you arrive in Ezaro, there is a charming wood walkway that takes you to the bottom of the waterfall where you can sit and admire the force and beauty of the water. Some Saturday nights during the summer, they have an incredible light show or you can also rent a kayak and get a front seat view of the waterfall.

Another spot nearby that is worth a visit is Mount Pindo, a rocky formation with a natural balcony onto the sea. The road to get up there is a bit steep but you will get swept away by the impressive view. There are references in Galician literature that the Celts worshiped the sun from Mount Pindo and performed rituals on the granite rocks as they were considered a symbol of strength and resilience.

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