Spain Destinations: The Best Beaches In Galicia

If you haven’t been to Galicia yet, you are missing an incredible region of Spain that offers some of the best beaches on the Atlantic coast.

Rodas Beach In Cies Islands

Rodas Beach in Cies Islands, Vigo (southern part of Galicia). These small islands are the most beautiful islands in Europe (according to the Guardian) and the top from the top five Spanish beaches (according to The Sunday Times). The islands belong to a national park, so the number of visitors is limited and you must request permission to visit. Once you get your authorization, you have to book with any of the official ferry companies that go to the island from Vigo. Linking two of the largest islands, Faro and Monteagudo is Rodas Beach, called the Galician Caribbean by locals for the turquoise waters and white sand. However, as you enter the water, you will soon realize that you are in Europe as they tend to be pretty cold. More info here:

Cies Islands, Vigo
Rodas Beach, Cies Islands, Vigo.
Rodas Beach, Cies Islands, Vigo.

Louro Beach In A Coruña

A second good choice for the best beaches in Galicia is Louro Beach in Muros, A Coruña. You can appreciate from the photos that the landscape is totally different as we are on the northern part of Galicia which is more rocky and wild. Located at the foot of Mount Louro, it is an open ocean beach with crystal clear water and white sand. There are also natural dunes and a fresh water lagoon. All this makes Louro beach one of the most sought after spots to enjoy a tranquil moment away from other mass tourism areas.

Mount Louro
Mount Louro and beach.
Louro beach.

And last but not least for the best beaches in Galicia, the Cathedrals Beach in the northern coast of Lugo. Its name comes from the shape of caves, carved by the ocean and resembling medieval architecture, which has turned it into an impressive work of natural art. The sculptural landscape can only be seen at low tides and the main attraction of this beach is without a doubt the walk between the cliffs. Keep in mind that due to the high number of tourists flocking to the area reservations are now required to access the Cathedrals Beach, specially during the summer months. More info here:

Cathedrals Beach panoramic view.
Cathedrals Beach at low tide.
Cathedrals Beach at high tide.

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