Designer-Quality Furniture, the Galician Way

Furniture should not only look good, it should also be good for you. Today, I handpicked three Galician designers from my city that speak to me not only for their aesthetics, but for their respectful approach to nature and their use of recycled materials.

Etimoe Showroom in A Coruña has been designing handmade furniture for 20 years. Etimoe’s soul is the combined effort of two talented interior designers, Mónica and Santiago. They have their own handcrafted furniture line using techniques that they developed themselves, and they also collaborate with renowned artists for their decorative and textile collections. Their latest collection, Etimoe Atlantic Design, is made of recycled wood inspired by the ocean and entirely designed and handcrafted in Galicia with the collaboration of Santiago Bataneiro.

Nardiz Estudio, A Coruña, was born in 2018 with the urgency of creating unique furniture where care and quality are a priority. Carlos Nardiz is passionate about design, useful design; he firmly believes that comfortable and beautiful spaces can make those living in them become better people. He handcrafts all kind of furniture styles from modern to industrial, using color as a starting point. Nardiz uses high-quality wood, metals, marble, glass; he loves to create new designs and adapt them to any space. One of his creations is a table called Sharon Stone. Carlos Nardiz, the designer, said he was inspired by the movie Basic Instinct when he saw the actress crossing/uncrossing her legs. His girlfriend wanted an expensive designer table so he decided to create this special one for her. Since then, it’s been one of the key items in the studio.

The Sharon Stone table by Nardiz

Wood Feelings in A Coruña, was awarded the GOOD PRACTICE SEAL by Design for All. Foundation. Built with unique handcraft techniques and high-quality wood, they aim to recover some of the Galician traditional furniture designs giving them a modern twist.

Bansho Sideboard
Sanbe Tables

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