Spain Destinations: A Guide To A Coruña, The City of Glass

Today I’m going to take you on a tour around some of the most iconic streets in A Coruña, my hometown, also called The City of Glass. I will show you some of the buildings that represent the full essence of Modernist architecture. But first let me explain the reason why A Coruña is called The city of Glass. As you can appreciate in the photo below, a characteristic of many buildings in the city are these particular balconies enclosed in a glass frame known locally as “galerias”.  A large part of the city is modernist and was built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries – the galeria design was especially popular during this period. Now, let’s go for a walk and enjoy some amazing buildings!

The starting point is where I’m standing, Panaderas (Baker’s) street, located in the old part of town, and just around the corner we find one of the most original buildings representing modernist architecture. Each story has a different design and the first floor is truly a work of art.

Details in this house show the influence that European Modernism had in the city.

If we go on walking, at a short distance, we find San Andres street and this building from 1911. It is not as impressive as the previous one but it has some leafy details that makes it unique.

Here you can see the typical balconies mentioned above.
Detail above one of the windows.

In the same street we find this other house called Casa Cabanelas. Even though it has cleaner lines, it is a regal building in my opinion.

Clothing store La Base is on the ground floor.

Near by, in the popular street of Orzan, well known for its bars and night life, we find this 1909 building called the Elephant for obvious reasons.

Close by, in Plaza de Lugo, we find this elaborated building from 1905, called Swans House due to the decorative details on its facade.

Details of the tile work and the balconies.

And that will be all for today. There is still much more to see but I don’t want to overwhelm you with so much beauty:)

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