Spain Dining Guide: Wine Tasting in Galicia

Many of you may have heard about spending a warm summer night drinking wine and eating tapas, as it is one of the most typical pictures of life in Spain. Well, I’m going to take you on a different path to discover some excellent wineries in the southern part of Galicia.

Albariño (Alvarinho) is native to the area and represents more than 90 percent of the grapes planted in the Rias Baixas (south of Galicia region). Depending on the area Albariño is  a crisp, aromatic, dry wine with flavors of white peach, apricot, melon, or pineapple. It pairs very well with seafood, white fish and meats. Depending on the quality prices range from 6.00 € to 50.00 €. If you are in the US, I was able to find Albariño in some liquor stores in Chicago and of course, there is always tons of options online. Now, let’s enjoy a glass of wine or two.

Wine Tasting In Pazo Quinteiro da Cruz, Pontevedra

Pazo Quinteiro da Cruz (manor house) is a dreamy place full of history and legends surrounded by vineyards and trees. Its gardens, designed in the XIX century provide a spectacular atmosphere to contemplate one of the largest collections of Camellias in Europe.

Wine tasting tours are available year round by appointment and offer a guided tour of the manor, winery and gardens where you can admire the architecture and different species of trees, shrubs and the magnificent camellias. The cost is only 15€.

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Wine Tasting In Pazo de Fefiñáns

Pazo de Fefiñáns was built in the 16th century in the Renaissance-style, although Viscount of Fefiñáns, ordered some extensions in the 17th century. Afterwards it became the property of the Marquises of Figueroa, whose descendants still have ownership of the place.

You can book a wine tasting visit for 7€ which includes a tour inside the manor main living spaces, the gardens, vineyard and winery. A glass of Albariño is included but be aware that if you want to taste more there is an extra 5€ per glass.

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