Spain Getaways: Best Boutique Hotels In Santiago De Compostela

I talked about Santiago de Compostela in other posts but this time I want to show you some boutique hotels that will make you eager to visit the city. Santiago is a monumental city famous for its Cathedral and the old district. It’s only half an hour from A Coruña and there is a high speed train that can get you there in 20 minutes.

Hotel Costa Vella, Santiago (A Coruña​)

This charming boutique hotel hotel is downtown, close to the Cathedral and the monumental district. Forget about your routine and feel better than ever in a space full of special spots where you can read, think, listen and let time go by. Walk around the city’s old district and admire the architecture it has to offer. Prices start at 60.00€ per night. The perfect place to leave your worries behind and relax!

Hotel Quinta da Auga, Santiago (A Coruña​)

In the outskirts of Santiago we find this chateau style boutique hotel hotel from the XVIII century. Surrounded by the Sar River and a 10,000 m2 garden it is a luxury retreat with an incredible spa. Water is present everywhere, including the stone channels that go through the interior of the building. The hotel and the grounds are a dream come true for those looking for peace and relaxation. Prices start at 100,50 € per night.

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