Spain Getaways: Top Charming Fishing Villages in Galicia

Galicia is home to some beautiful towns and villages. Let’s take a look at some of the most charming fishing villages you can visit in this amazing region in the northwest of Spain.


Camariñas in A Coruña

Camariñas is fishing village in Costa da Morte (Coast of Death) famous for the numerous shipwrecks that occurred near this abrupt coastline of the Atlantic. There has been more than 70 recorded in the last 100 years. One that is sadly remembered is the British Warship HMS Serpent in 1890 as only three of the 175 crew members survived. There is even a Shipwreck Route where you can visit the spots of some of the most notorious shipwrecks.

Shipwreck Route in Camariñas
Atlantic Ocean view in the Shipwreck Route.

Muros in A Coruña

Streets with stone porticos and medieval churches mixed with a long seafaring tradition give Muros that special village atmosphere you don’t want to miss. You can walk along its sea promenade, get lost in the historical district and enjoy all the seafood restaurants it has to offer.

Muros Sea Promenade
Muros Port
Muros Port

O Barqueiro in A Coruña

These typical fishermen’s houses, with their bright colorful paint, give the port of O Barqueiro a lovely atmosphere. Although it is a very small fishing village, it is worth a visit just to feel the calming effect of the sea and enjoy the variety of fresh fish and seafood that arrive daily at the port.

O Barqueiro
O Barqueiro

Baiona in Pontevedra

Baiona is known for being the first European port to get the news of the discovery of America. This town in Pontevedra has celebrated this event for centuries with a festival called Arribada (arrival) in which they commemorate the arrival of La Pinta, the first caravel to reach port in 1493 after the discovery of the New World.


The Fortress of Montreal is a luxury hotel were you can relax and enjoy a beverage by the sea, and contemplate the magical sunsets.

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