Spain Getaways: Manor Houses In Galicia Series Part II

Pazo de Lourizan, Pontevedra

The history of this Manor House dates back to the XVII century when there was only an old farmhouse on the land. It wasn’t until 1879 that the construction of the house started after Eugenio Montero, a politician and lawmaker, bought the 52 hectares property. Designed by renowned architect Genaro de la Fuente, the building could be the setting for one of Jane Austen novels in the middle of the British countryside. Many intellectuals and politicians stayed at this manor house throughout the years and in 1898 the Paris Treaty, which handed over control of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines, was signed.

Today, as many other Manor Houses in Galicia, it belongs to the local government. Visits are only allowed to enjoy the exterior and the impressive gardens but the interior is under renovation even though you can take a peek through some of the windows. The Forest and Environmental Management Agency takes care of the many tree species from all over the world. It is a joy to walk through these magnificent gardens and forests that have been preserved for centuries.

Pazo de Rubianes, Pontevedra

Pazo de Rubianes origins date back to an old fortress from the XII century. This Manor House was built in the XV century and underwent several renovations. However, some outbuildings like the stables and winery still keep its original state. Pazo de Rubianes closely resembles a French Chateau because it was a French architect who designed the house as it stands today.

Pazo de Rubianes has been declared International Garden of Excellency for its camellia collection and it’s the third in Europe with more than 800 species. It also has an excellent variety of wine from its own vineyard.

The interior rooms have the romantic halo that was popular in that period in Europe. Guided visits are available and include a tour around the gardens and vineyard, a visit to the luxurious rooms inside the manor house and wine tasting for 21,00 €-

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