Spain Getaways: The Most Beautiful Lighthouses In Galicia

The Lighthouse Route

Camino dos Faros or Lighthouse Route is a magnificent coastal walking trail in the Atlantic coast of Galicia. You will hike along striking ocean views, immaculate sandy beaches, impressive cliffs and the most beautiful lighthouses. The walking trail covers around 200 kilometers of coast and it is done in stages. The full Lighthouse Route can be completed in eight walking days but there are many ups and downs along the way, so a minimum level of fitness will be required to face this challenge. Some people prefer to drive to nearby spots and walk shorter distances. Whatever you prefer, it is a spectacular route and you do not have to be a professional to walk it. I’ve been in most of these lighthouses but honestly, I just learned about this hiking trails through their website. They have descriptions of every stage and videos you can watch:

Malpica in A Coruña

The first stage starts at the lighthouse in the port in Malpica and goes along this beautiful fishing village. According to the official web page “O Camino dos Faros”, it is 22 kilometers long, with loads of slopes, six calm beaches with their bays and huge cliffs.

Faro Punta Roncudo in A Coruña

It is from this point from where the most challenging and complicated hike (29kms) starts, reaching the “Virxe Do Faro” (the Virgin of the Lighthouse), from where we can enjoy some breathtaking views of the following stages. 

Laxe in A Coruña

The total length of this route is 25 kms and it is not as hard as there are several sections of roads you can take instead of the actual hiking trails.

There are other lighthouses that are not included in this walking trails that I find are worth seeing because of their architecture and location.

Baiona Faro Silleiro in Pontevedra

Faro Silleiro was built in 1866 and it’s located at sea level offering magnificent views of the Atlantic ocean.

Faro Cabo Home in Pontevedra

This lighthouse was built in 1853. It’s 17 meters high and it is located at 143 meters above sea level.

Faro Punta Robaleira in Pontevedra

This one is a very singular lighthouse as it is very low, made of stone and painted a bright red.

Monte Faro Islas Cies in Pontevedra

This lighthouse was built in 1851 and stands on top of a spectacular mount in the Cies Islands. As you can see, the most outstanding feature of the lighthouse is the winding road to get to the top.

Faro Cabo Ortegal in A Coruña

For me, this is one of the most beautiful lighthouses because of its location in Cape Ortegal from where you have breathtaking views of the cliffs and ocean.

Faro Punta Roncadoira in Lugo

Due to the numerous shipwrecks that occurred on this coast located in the norther part of Galicia, this beautiful lighthouse, which stands 94 meters above sea level, was built in 1974.

Cabo Prior in A Coruña

The last lighthouse stands at 171 meters above sea level and was built in 1853. The main feature here is the splendid landscape to be seen from this point.

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