Spain Destinations: Best Landscapes To Visit In Galicia

Galicia is a remarkable location in northern Spain with a lush, green landscape that offers a unique and under-the-radar tourist destination. Here are some of the best landscapes you should visit when traveling to this extraordinary region.

Caaveiro in A Coruña

This nature preserve of incomparable beauty is located between two rivers. It is one of the best preserved Atlantic forests in Europe. The best way to discover the forest is on foot, there are guided visits for free year round or you can explore it on your own. Sometimes the vegetation is so dense it hardly lets any light pass. Hidden in the heart of the forest, you can find the Monastery of Caaveiro with more than 10 centuries of history. It was a Benedictine monastery in the year 936 A.D. and it later was occupied by the order of Saint Augustine. It was abandoned in the XVIII century and it was left in ruins until 1896 when the local authorities began its restoration.

Mount Aloia in Pontevedra

 This nature preserve is located at 700 meters above sea level and offers an extraordinary landscape with views over the river Miño. There are prehistoric and Roman remains and its history is full of legends. It is said that Celtic tribes committed mass suicide before falling into the hands of the Romans.

Ribeira Sacra Sightseeing Route in Lugo

We are now in the interior of Galicia, in the region known as Ribeira Sacra. Between the provinces of Lugo and Ourense, and at an altitude of over two hundred metres, we can find the final stretch of the river Sil. On its sides, and along more than 35 kms, two vertical walls rise up over the water, reaching a height of almost five hundred meters at some points and offering some of Galicia’s most remarkable landscapes. There are several viewpoints from where you can appreciate the magnificent landscape.

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