Spain Destinations: A Unique Travel Guide To Santiago De Compostela

Things To Know

Santiago de Compostela is in the province of A Coruña, Galicia. You can take the AP-9 highway from A Coruña a half an hour drive, or you can take the high speed train which is only 20 minutes. You can also fly to Lavacolla Airport in the outskirts of the city.


Must-Do Activities

Santiago is well known for its cathedral which was built in the year 1075 AD and The Way of St.James a pilgrimage that starts in the south of France and ends in Santiago where thousand of pilgrims from all over the world meet in front of the cathedral.

  • Visit the interior of the cathedral: It’s open to the public but with obvious restrictions now. You can explore the greater parts of the cathedral like the amazing vaulting, intricate stone carvings and elaborate altar. There is a huge censer called “Botafumeiro” which is only used in specific dates and it is a wonder to watch.
  • Tour the Hostal de los Reyes Católicos (Catholic Kings Hotel), a former Royal Hospital located just by the cathedral.
  • Walk around the Old District and feel like you are on a movie set.
  • Monastery of San Martiño Pinario,  founded in the ninth century by a group of Benedictine monks.
  • Parque de la Alameda, flower beds, ponds, sculptures and fountains make Alameda a magical place to be.
  • Colegiata de Santa María del Sar, a Romanesque building that was built in the 1100s next to the River Sar.
  • For more interesting places to visit check out this website:

Where To Eat

Spain is well-known for its food and there are more bars and restaurants per square feet than in other countries I’ve been. I’m going to recommend a couple of my favorites otherwise the list would be pretty extensive.

A Curtidoria, famous for its variety of rice dishes (55 €)

Altamira, included in the Michelin Guide, it’s located in the beautiful Pazo Altamira Hotel ( 30€)

Bicoca, a very rustic restaurant with excellent food (12 €)

Any of the streets surrounding the cathedral has tons of bars and restaurants to choose from. There are even guided gastronomic tours available!

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