Spain Getaways: Top Beaches To Practice Surf In Galicia

Most people associate surfing with Hawaii or Australia but you can catch some amazing waves here in the Atlantic coast, even though the water temperature is pretty cold! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular beaches to practice surf here in Galicia.

Razo Beach

This beach is only 30 km from A Coruña and it is around 6 km long. There are several surf schools and it’s a favorite for beginners in the summer. During the winter months the waves are pretty strong so it is best for experienced surfers.


Pantin Beach

Pantin is one of the most appreciated beaches for its consistent waves and the Pro World Challenge that takes place every year in August. GrindTV channel ranked it as one of the 5 best beaches in Spain.

Pantin Pro World Surfing Challenge

O Rostro Beach

Access to this beach is not easy and it is dangerous for swimming but perfect for surfing. Almost 2 km long it is surrounded by dunes and vegetation.

O Rostro
O Rostro

Doninos Beach

This is one of the beaches were the Spanish Surf Competition takes place. It is a little crowded as it is close to the city of Ferrol and a popular surfing spot year round. There are also windsurf competitions that are a pleasure to watch.


Sabon Beach

Sabon is an exposed beach break that is usually a safe bet in the summer. It’s only 20 minutes from A Coruña.


A Lanzada Beach

A Lanzada is in the southern coast of Galicia and is perfect for beginners. You can surf among dolphins and disconnect from the world.

A Lanzada
A Lanzada

O Faro de Larino Beach

This beach located near A Coruña is best for experienced surfers as it has strong winds and waves of up to 2 meters high.

O Faro

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