Spain Getaways: Manor Houses In Galicia Series Part III

Pazo de Oca, Pontevedra

This exceptional Manor House is known as the “Galician Versailles” for its beautiful and captivating gardens. The first building was a fortress that goes back to the XIII century and what stands today was created by the Lord of Oca in the XVIII century. Currently it belongs to the Duke of Medinacelli and it is considered a Cultural Heritage.

The huge pond with two stone boats full of greenery.
View of the gardens
View of the pond
View of one of the stone boats

The Manor House is open to the public year round and it offers guided tours on specific days. It is also a space where many Galician couples choose to get married, even though now this activities are cancelled due to the pandemic. These gorgeous gardens have been the set of many movies including “The Skin I Live In” by Pedro Almodovar.

Pazo de Meiras, A Coruña

Pazo de Meiras is a famous Manor House in Spain for being the summer residence of Franco, the dictator who ruled Spain for 40 years. The manor house was built on the remains of an old fortress from the XIV century and was partially destroyed by the French troops in 1809. Galician writer Emilia Pardo Bazan bought the property and remodeled it in 1893 but after her death it was difficult for her heirs to maintain the property. After the Spanish Civil War, Franco’s dictatorship created a “popular fund” in which every citizen in Galicia had to contribute with money for the acquisition of the Pazo. It was later “gifted” to Franco and his family. When Franco died, his family inherited the property among many others. The government of Galicia claimed the property and after a long legal battle, the property is now available for the people of Galicia to enjoy.

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