Spain Getaways: Incredible Stone Watermills In Galicia

I had the opportunity to visit some stunning watermills with my family last summer and want to share the experience with you. Galicia is well known for its lush landscape and water is an important part of it. These incredible stone watermills will take your breath away.

Picon Watermills

Placed in a beautiful setting these 60 watermills from the XVII century cascade down the mountain following the stream. Most of these watermills have two stories, the lower part is where the water goes through the machinery and the upper story houses the grinding millstone. This is one of the most popular watermill routes in Galicia and it takes you to the top where you have amazing views of the whole area.

Carral Watermills

All these stone watermills are in the middle of the forest and have been restored to their original state. The stream and its surroundings are very serene and peaceful with some benches where you can sit and listen to the sounds of the water and birds. There are also signs explaining how the watermills were built and how they were used.

Other Watermill Routes You Can Visit in Galicia:

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