Spain Getaways: A Guided Visit to Allariz, Galicia Part I

Things To Know

Allariz, located in the province of Ourense by the Arnoia river, is one of the most important historical-artistic sites of Galicia. As all of Galicia’s villages its origin is Celtic but its name comes from the VI century when the Barbarian Tribe of the Suevi settled in the area and named it after one of their chieftains, Alarico. Allariz beautifully preserves its medieval character, reflected in its monuments and cobblestone streets.

Must-Do Activities

Toy Museum

This cute museum has a collection of toys and games that range from 1910 to 1978 . It was inaugurated in 1995 thanks to the donation of more than 600 toys by one of Allariz’s neighbors, Alberto Oro. Today it houses more than 1,500 toys and games.

Fashion Museum

Located in a XIV century building, this museum shows fashion and textiles from the XVIII century to more contemporary outfits. The nice thing about this museum is that it’s interactive so you can touch and feel different textiles and even try some hats on!

Watermill Museum

This little museum teaches the visitors how watermills work and there is a live show where you can grind cereal yourself.

Historical District

During the Middle Ages, King Alfonso X lived and was educated in the village, which still preserves most of its historical buildings from those days. Walking along the cobblestone streets you are transported to that wonderful era. No wonder it proudly holds the European Urbanist Award for its conservation and restoration efforts.


Romanesque art is present in these four churches: Santiago, Santa Maria de Vilanova, San Pedro and San Esteban.

Garden Exhibition

Allariz hosts the number one Garden Competition in Spain called “International Garden Festival” where gardeners from all over the world come and design their fantastic works of art every year; 2019’s theme was “Gardens of Cinema” and 2020 was dedicated to “Poetry Gardens. They have their own webpage where you can see all the past editions:

Santa Clara Monastery

This Baroque Monastery was built in the XIII century and was the home of the St. Clare’s nuns for centuries. Today, it still houses a community of nuns who elaborate delicious desserts that you can buy at the monastery.

River Walk

Last but not least, is this beautiful River Walk where you can enjoy the magnificent Arnoia River and its surroundings. Check out some tree art created by artist Agustin Ibarrola.

And finally, if you happen to visit in December, you will be amazed by the Christmas decoration on display every year. Photos are from 2020.

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