Spain Getaways: Best Boutique Hotels In Galicia Part II

1930 Hotel,  A Coruña

Each of the rooms in this quaint hotel tells a story that the owners experienced during their trips to Habana, Koh Samui and other wonderful places. All rooms are unique and full of details to make your stay unforgettable. 1930 Hotel was awarded the Q Tourism Quality Award for its exceptional design and service.

Vila sen Vento,  Santiago de Compostela

Vila Sen Vento is a rural holiday hotel outside of Santiago de Compostela with 40,000 m2 full of nature. The cabins with jacuzzi are surrounded by trees and are designed to blend with the natural landscape. Their restaurant offers traditional homemade Galician cuisine, made with local, healthy and top-quality ingredients.

Remanso de Transfontao, Pontevedra

This country house offers private rooms inside and two separate cabins. Guests can feel like they are part of the family if they stay in the house or be completely independent in the two cabins. Either way, Virginia, the owner, is always very attentive to the needs of her guests and is proud of their excellent country breakfasts which tells them apart from other similar hotels.

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