Spain Getaways: Two Luxury Hotels In The South Of Galicia

Novavila Wine Hotel

Pontevedra is a historical town in the Southern part of Galicia. Everything is within walking distance and there is so much to see! Genuine treasures, such as the collection of gold and silver pieces in the Museum of Pontevedra with magnificent jewelry dating back 4,000 years; parks, tree-lined avenues, walks by the river in the middle of the city and the Old Town District full of stone houses with coats of arms on their façades; fountains and gardens, squares that are full of life with cafés and restaurants give Pontevedra a lively atmosphere.

Novavila Wine Hotel is a family affair. The Vilanova Pena family have a passion for wine, decoration and people so they took great care when choosing the design of this hotel. Guests not only enjoy their beautifully decorated rooms but can purchase any of the objects, pieces of furniture or accessories that are in the room. Not to mention the winery and Albariño wine that the family has been making for many years. They offer double rooms for 175-200€ and single rooms for 75-100€.


Novavila Wine Hotel

Novavila exterior
Garden relaxation
Swimming pool

Pazo Los Escudos Hotel

This Manor House turned into a hotel is located next to Do Carril beach in Vigo, Pontevedra.
The current building still maintains characteristic elements from Galician typical Manor Houses. Its name comes from the 101 coats of arms distributed across gardens and walls, the largest and best exhibition of nobiliary shields existing in Galicia. The hotel offers expensive suites (650 €) and more economical rooms(105 €) but always providing a luxurious experience to guests. You can just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet in the hotel or experience the city life in Vigo: the Old Town District with its antique shops and pop-up stores; Museums and sculptures in the streets; fishing neighborhoods to enjoy fresh seafood and beautiful parks.


Pazo Los Escudos Hotel

Coats of Arms in the hotel’s walls
Gardens and pool
Hotel’s facade
Hotel’s bar
Breakfast with a view

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