Spain Destinations: 3-Day Trip To O Courel, Galicia

O Courel Route Day 1

O Courel Mountain Range is an incredibly beautiful nature reserve suitable for hiking and enjoying nature in its wildest, most vivid form. It’s also a great route to discover some architectural gems that will leave no one indifferent. The mountain villages, small communities with slate houses, are full of charm. Several pallozas (traditional huts) can still be visited in this mountain range. Not to mention its magnificent monasteries and churches.

When done by car with short walks so that you can enjoy a nature-filled landscape, this route has a low level of difficulty. The time distribution is just an estimate, and you can modify it according to your preferences and physical strength.

The first day we leave from the city of Lugo towards Samos where you can visit the Monastery of Samos, built in the middle of the Visigoth period and rebuilt through different periods with Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque structures. This monastery has guest quarters, which comes in very useful to get your strength back by resting in such a peaceful place.

Ten kilometres from Samos, heading towards O Cebreiro , is the village of Triacastela where we can visit the Church of Santiago, built in the Romanesque style, it underwent extensive renovations in the 18th century. After 23 km you arrive to the village of O Cebreiro with its rustic stone huts.

Church os Santiago, Triacastela
O Cebreiro Stone Huts
O Cebreiro Stone Huts

O Courel Route Day 2

The second day we head towards the mountain range of O Courel where you must go on foot for almost three kms. There you are in complete contact with nature and can contemplate the amazing landscape of the mountains. You will then continue through charming small villages with their typical Galician stone and slate structures and narrow cobbled streets.

O Courel Route Day 3

On the last day, you will go through a Celtic settlement called Castro da Torre which dates from the 2nd century.  The next stop will be A Ferrería, a charming village built perched on top of rocks which in the past was an important spa with thermal waters. Continuing along the route, we came to the parish of O Hospital and the church of San Pedro Fiz, the only Romanesque marble church built in Spain. The three day route ends back where you began at Samos. There are lots of rural houses that offer accommodation along this route.

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