Street Art in Galicia Part I

Meet the Author

We all know the painting “Las Meninas” by Velazquez, but street artist Eduardo Hermida has taken a dilapidated neighborhood in his home town of Ferrol and transformed it into a work of art of his own. Eduardo and some other fellow artists decided to give this neighborhood a new life and they started creating their own interpretations of Las Meninas.

At first they found opposition from the residents who thought their homes would be covered in graffiti in a neighborhood already lacking charm and condemned to be left in ruins. Today, this neighborhood has turn into a fashionable place to live, many young people have bought homes and opened business and the town hall has made some improvements in streets and buildings.

Eduardo Hermida, artist.

Take a Tour

There are more than 400 murals all around this neighborhood and you can take a guided tour for 15 €. During the  Ruta de las Meninas de Canido you will learn about the history of the neighborhood, how all this artistic project began and the new Augmented Reality App where you can see some of the Meninas come to life in your phone screen.

Eduardo Hermida and some fellow artists along with city’s authorities have created a festival in which the first weekend of September artists from all over the world gather and create a new Menina or restore older ones. This is a great way to keep the streets filled with art and observe the artists at work.

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