Flower Display On The Streets

 During a Festival of Cultural Interest in late spring, the streets of some villages in Galicia are carpeted with flowers for the procession of Corpus Christi. The tradition, which dates back to the XII century, has survived thanks to the determination of local residents, who work all night to create their awesome designs. Although some have religious motifs , the majority of the designs are geometric drawings but their size and eye-catching outlines are there to impress. Then comes the religious procession which is bathed in a shower of petals thrown from the balconies, a lavish colorful display that thrills the audience watching from the streets.

A wide variety of plants are used, including hydrangeas, myrtle, fennel, roses and more. The making of these designs is a true work of art in which both young and old work together to do their part, sparing no effort to finish before nine in the morning on Sunday before the religious procession starts.

When the event is over, the beauty and artistic value of the carpets vanishes, with the only remaining proof being the photographs taken by thousands of people.

The pandemic has also forced this festival to find ways to reinvent itself and keep the celebration alive. Some villages have opted for the creation of a single carpet on the outside of the parish church, others have decided to decorate the balconies of their homes with flowers instead, what matters is to keep the tradition alive.

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