Spain Destinations: Cies Islands, One Of The Best Places To Visit In 2022

Cies Islands in Galicia, northwest of Spain, is an amazing National Park and one of the country’s most beautiful places, which is why the Romans named them the Islands of the Gods. The Cies archipelago is made up of three islands: Monte Agudo, O Faro and San Martiño. The first two are connected by a long strip of sand: Rodas Beachthe best beach in the world, according to  The Guardian. The New York Times has also mentioned Cies Islands as one of the best places to visit in 2022.

How To Get To Cies Islands

The only way to access the islands  is by sea. In summer and Easter, there are several shipping companies based in the port of Vigo that offer daily boat tours to the Cies. The islands have a limit of 1,800 visitors a day, so it’s advisable to book a place on the boat in advance. The third island, San Martiño, is only accessible by private boat, which is also the only way to access the archipelago the rest of the year except in the summer months.

Where To Stay In Cies Islands

The only way to stay in Cies Islands is to book one of the 800 spots in the only campsite available, remember this is a National Park and it carefully preserves the environment so there are no accommodations except for the camping site. Make sure to book in advance as it’s the most popular in the province. The campsite, 25 square miles in size, is 150 feet from the beach and has a restaurant, café, shop and lounge. You can even rent a tent there if you don’t have one. They include a bed and mattress so you can sleep comfortably.

Must-Do Activities In Cies Islands

 If you you like sailing, doing so along the Vigo estuary and getting to the Cies Islands on your boat is an experience you shouldn’t miss. You must request an anchoring permit and respect the area reserved for swimmers, marked with buoys 650 feet from the shore. There are several companies that rent boats in Vigo. Most of them also offer the option of renting a boat with or without a captain, as well as motorboats that don’t require a license. 

Diving in the Cies Islands is one of the most amazing experiences you can enjoy in the Vigo estuary. Here, instead of diving with tropical fish you’ll be floating among lobsters, crabs and octopuses. A good option is to seek advice from any of the diving clubs and companies in Vigo, which can provide you with equipment and guide you safely through the islands waters.

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