Street Art In Galicia Part II

Meet the Artists

Ordes is a small village near A Coruña that has been transformed by street art. More than a decade ago, several young artists decided to turn old grey cement buildings into colorful murals. Since then, artists from different parts of the world have participated in a festival called DesOrdes which is celebrated in August. Local authorities donate old buildings and spaces in the village where this street artists can freely paint their murals. Some of them are really impressive and this small town has gained popularity thanks to these young artists.

Realistic mural by Manolo Mesa
Mural by Lidia Cao

The aim of these artist is to cover the ugliest parts of buildings with murals. Most of the art work is previously approved by the Town Hall and residents who donate their facades or properties so these urban artists can unleash their creativity.

Artist Animalito Land working on his impressive mural
British Artist SR.X and his mural Birth
Yoseba Muruzabal and his Galician Grannies
Meaning by Miguel Peralta
Sweeping by Liqen
Original Sin by Marcos Couso

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