Spain Destinations: Cudillero, A Picturesque Fishing Village

Cudillero is a small municipality located on the Central Western Coast of Asturias in the North of Spain. It is an incredible landscape, with unique beaches and steep cliffs, green valleys, rivers and espectacular waterfalls.

The most amazing hallmark are the colorful houses that look like they are hanging from the mountains.

This village is a coastal oasis where you wake up to the faraway clash of buoys, take barefoot walks on empty beaches, and spend afternoons at the marina cafés. 

 Because of its location, it was cut off from inland Spain for centuries and caused a peculiar Nordic-influenced dialect as it supposedly was founded by Vikings.  The peak season goes from June to August, when the weather is fine and the town fills with seasonal residents and tourists who bring the bars and restaurants to life.

You can take tours to different viewpoints to appreciate the magnificent scenery. Cabo Vidio is famous for its 100-yard-high cliffs that drop into the sea. A dirt path goes along the ridge to a stone lighthouse, an ideal spot to watch the sunset.

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