Spain Getaways: Santo Estevo Monastery And Luxury Hotel

This Benedictine Monastery is set within the Ribiera Sacra region in Lugo, Galicia and dates back to the 10th century. It has been beautifully transformed into a unique luxury hotel with historic features such as stone archways, carved window frames, and the Monastery’s three original Baroque, Romanesque and Renaissance cloisters.

You can spend a peaceful evening in a tranquil atmosphere with the soft sounds of religious music surrounding you. Its beauty and historical features made the monastery be declared a historic-artistic site in 1923.

Each of the 77 rooms are different and offer views of the green landscape and the amazing Sil River Canyon. You can also enjoy the restaurant terrace; a terrace café in one of the cloisters; spacious rooms perfect for celebrations; and exquisite gardens. Peace and tranquility await for you in this outstanding setting.

You may have a drink in the bar and take it to a balcony with an impressive view of the forest and the canyon or go for a walk at night along the striking cloisters. During the day you can go for a hike, a boat ride on the Sil river, or visit some famous pottery artisans and wineries in the beautiful Ribeira Sacra. Prices are around 165-145 € per night.

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