Spain Getaways: Peaks Of Europe National Park

The most famous mountain range in Spain is Picos de Europa in the Northern region of Asturias. The mountains are a huge attraction to mountaineers, climbers and hikers throughout the world, who come to enjoy well-established hiking and climbing routes. 

Photos by Guiadeasturias

According to legend, these dominant peaks were named after the Phoenician princess Europa, who was abducted because of her great beauty by Zeus. However, the most realistic version is that they were named because the mountains are visible to ships sailing into Europe from the Americas.

The closest place to start a route to Peaks of Europe is from the locality of Covadonga, following the road to the lakes, 12 kilometers away and the best time is the end of summer, beginning of autumn and spring because the route is not crowded and the weather is really nice.

One of the oldest villages you can find is Bulnes. There is an old restaurant where you can enjoy a meal in the middle of nature and under the watch of the impressive mountains that surround the village.

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