A Walk In The Woods

Weather has been really nice lately so I was able to do some hiking and exploring on my neck of the woods. There is this forest by a river called Caldeiras Do Castro ( Castro Pools) where you can make your own fire in a stone chimney and cook a barbecue. There is a picnic area too with stone benches and tables so it’s a pretty awesome place to rest and have a bite.

Restrictions in Spain have been lifted a little and we are able to travel but just within our region. Even though, with the pandemic and all, I thought this not-so-easy -to find place would be secluded but I was wrong!. There were people here and there and it got a little crazy going up and down the wooden stairs by the river. But the spotless landscape was worth it and the riverside walk was a joy if you stepped down a little off the wooden bridge and walk down the steep hill to the river bank.

It was a wonderful hike to a place I’ve never been before and I’m grateful for the great weather and especially the No Mask wearing most of the time. Hope you all enjoyed nature wherever you are!

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