Spain Getaway: Best Luxury Hotels In A Coruña, Spain

Hotel Palacio Del Carmen

This former convent was beautifully restored, its original architectural and artistic style maintained to offer guests a unique experience. It is located in the historical district of Santiago de Compostela, just feet away from the Cathedral and within walking distance to many historical sites in the city center. Even though prices are on the high end, you can book a luxury room now for around 100€.

Hotel Finisterre

This luxurious hotel is is in the heart of the city of A Coruña, next to the old town and the port. The hotel has one of the best sea views in the city and offers a wide range of amenities: 3 swimming pools, tennis courts and a gym. The hotel has been in business since 1948 and has undergone several renovations to keep its former glory. There is a 80 m²outstanding Presidential Suite on the top floor. Prices range from 80€ to 150€ as of today.

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