Spain Destinations: La Toja Island, A Paradise In Galicia

During the XVIII century the island of La Toja was still unknown to the inhabitants of mainland Pontevedra, Spain. Mainly because the waters of the Atlantic Ocean that surrounded it and the thick vegetation made it hard to reach. According to a local legend the first resident was a donkey! Its owner had left it on the island because the animal was in poor health but he was surprised to discover that it was stronger than ever when he went back to the island. Supposedly, the spring water and mud on the island had special properties and had cured the donkey. La Toja is now well known for its magnificent hotels and spas that welcome guests who want to spend some relaxing days away from their daily routine.

 La Toja has a fantastic golf course in the north of the island, covering a large percentage of it. It is a pleasure to play here as the sea is the real star of this course, ever present on 5 holes, while on the others, you are surrounded by beautiful pine trees. 

Nearby you’ll find everything you and your family need to enjoy your free time: a marina, tennis and paddle courts, a shooting range, swimming pools…

You can also visit the so called “Shell Church” for its amazing facade covered in sea shells.

 Eurostars Gran Hotel La Toja is one of the luxury hotels you can stay at on the island. It is the oldest and the only with a five-star health spa in Galicia. A place where guests can relax enjoying the rejuvenating waters and muds as well as a paradise where one finds the so much needed peace and quiet.

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