Spain Destinations: Discover Asturias

One thing Asturias, in northern Spain, is famous for is its impressive nature: mysterious forests and rivers, coastline left unscathed by greedy developers, and steep mountains ideal for avid rock climbers and hikers. This is possible thanks to a well planned conservation that has led more than a third of Asturias’ territory to be declared as a national protected area and the best-preserved coastline in Spain.

Wildlife observation is a must when visiting Asturias. Sightings of the Cantabrian brown bear, deer, golden eagles, vultures or wild horses are some of the experiences nature lovers can take part in. The Mountains of Quebrantahuesos in Benia is a space that promotes the study of nature, as well as conservation and a sustainable development.

Hiking is possibly the best way to admire these lush spots In Asturias, there are trails suitable for all physical conditions and for those looking for only short excursions. One of the most beautiful nature trails in Spain is the one that crosses the interior of Asturias, called Trail GR-109. There are 27 stages to discover the wide variety of ecosystems and habitats. If you are a nature enthusiastic you can’t skip this beautiful region in the North of Spain.

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