Spain Destinations: An Impressive Castle In Jaen

La Iruela is a small, picturesque and panoramic village that sits on a peak of the Cazorla Mountain Range in Jaen, Southern Spain. The most outstanding attraction, apart from the charming village, is The Castle of Iruela, an ancient fortification founded in early Islamic times though many of the walls date from after the castle’s conquest by the Archbishop of Toledo in 1231. 

 The castle housed the order of the Knights Templar who defended the village against muslims and took great care in its conservation. However, the main renovation took place in the XVI century. This magnificent fortress is only accessible through a set of wooden stairs placed for visitors and it makes you think of the effort it may have been to climb the steep rocks in the past.

La Iruela sits 932 m above sea level and its famous for the pristine white houses, the narrow and steep streets and the beautiful surroundings of the Cazorla Mountain Range, the largest National Park in Spain.

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