Spain Destinations: Traditional Courtyards In Cordoba

It is May and the Festival of the Courtyards (“Patios”) in Cordoba is about to take place. The owners of these particular homes, whose families have lived there for centuries, participate in this amazing festival and open up their courtyards to the public since 1921. 

The history of Cordovan courtyards comes from Islamic houses, which are characterized by the construction of façades facing inwards. After the Christian conquest of the city, this architectural structure was maintained and still exists in houses today.

Due to the hot, dry climate in Cordoba, plants, trees, colorful flowers and water features take main stage to keep local homes even cooler and more sheltered from the hot sun rays. These colorful patios are mainly situated within the historic part of the Córdoba and got listed as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO in 2012.

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