Spain Destinations: Cathedral Of Saint Mary in Burgos

Burgos is a city in Castilla not far from Madrid with a history of 800 years. Located right in the middle of the main routes and paths from back then, and in the Camino de Santiago’s pilgrimage route, in the X century Burgos was already a relevant city and a key piece in the Renaissance.

In the XIII Century, the old Roman Cathedral is taken down and over its ruins, the current Burgos Cathedral is built in the year 1221. It is an example of the evolution of Gothic style, with the entire history of Gothic art exhibited in its architecture and unique collection of art, including paintings, choir stalls, tombs, and stained-glass windows. The cathedral was listed Unesco World Heritage Monument in 1984.

Condestables Chapel

The Constables chapel is a truly impressive work of art. It has many architectural features and paintings like the one of Maria Magdalena, painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, that resembles the famous Gioconda. However, the most impressive feature is the vault that draws the eye to the ceiling of the chapel. A marvelous wonder of Gothic architecture.

Tomb of El Cid

The tomb of El Cid, one of the historical heroes best known in Spain for his role against the Muslim invasion, is located in one of the main chapels.

One of the 19 chapels in the cathedral

The chapel of Saint Ana holds the tomb of Bishop Luis de Acuña y Osorio, one of the main supporters of the Catholic Monarchs Queen Isabel and King Fernando of Castilla. The alabaster tomb was made by Diego de Siloé.

Impressive Renaissance stairs

In the Middle Ages cathedrals were not used only for religious purposes. During the day many people walk around freely and were even allowed to hold meetings and festivals. So many people used the stairs on a daily basis that they began to deteriorate and in 1519 this magnificent Renaissance stairs were built.

The clock chimed by an automaton

At the entrance of the cathedral there is this clock with a  grotesque automaton known as the Fly Catcher because he opens and closes his mouth with each chime as if he was catching flies.

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