Spain Destinations: Five Secret Villages You Should Visit

1. Masca, Tenerife Canary Islands

Located on the North of Tenerife Island, Masca is a charming village with houses aligned on the top of the mountain. Among palm trees and steep volcanic rocks you can find a tiny church from the XVIII century, a local craft museum and the outstanding views that make you feel there is nothing else you need to feel at peace.

Masca, Tenerife Canary Islands

2. Mogrovejo, Cantabria

Surrounded by the Picos de Europa in Cantabria, Mogrovejo is the perfect place to get lost in your thoughts, breathe the purest air, enjoy the multiple hiking trails and admire the medieval buildings that still stand the test of time.

Mogrovejo, Cantabria

3. Bulnes, Cantabria

Another charming village surrounded by Picos de Europa in Northern Spain. There is no road access to get there, you have to take the cable car (funicular) or walk for two hours from the nearest village (only for the brave of heart).

Bulnes, Cantabria

4. Ochagavia, Navarra

This cute Pyrenean town in Navarra sets itself apart with grey stone, slate and cobblestones dominating the old centre, a stream crossed by a medieval bridge and medieval churches and palaces nearby.

Ochagavia, Navarra

5. Olvera, Cadiz

And last we head down south to Olvera, Cadiz. Olvera is another one of those fairytale villages that from a distance is captivating. As you cross the Sierra de Grazalema you will see, rising out of the surrounding olive trees, a riveting white village with a castle at its center. Olvera is a chance to go back in time and explore these ancient “white villages” that are spread out along the Southern part of Spain.

Olvera, Cadiz

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