Spain Destinations: Green Valleys in Cantabria

Pasiegos Valley is one of the most striking areas of Cantabria, a region located on the North of Spain. The region is comprised by three valleys: Miera, Pas and Pisueña. Here you can find the greenest meadows, a surprising and singular landscape with tiny villages where tranquility and tradition go hand in hand.

During the XI century the first settlements were established around the valleys. They were mostly nomadic shepherds who lived in small huts during the spring/summer months and later settled in small villages.

This area is ideal for fishing, thanks to the abundance of trouts in Pas river and of salmon pits. Hunting is another option, and many businesses offer horse-riding, trekking, canoeing, etc.  For hiking lovers, the valleys have unlimited possibilities. 

Pasiego cottages stand out due to their simplicity and functionality, with stone walls and a slate roof. The ground floor is divided in cattle spaces like a stable and he first floor is the living area with a central fireplace, a cooking area, simple rooms divided by wooden planks and a closed balcony made of chestnut wood.

The Pasiegos Valleys are the ideal environment for practicing outdoor activities or exploring the incredible landscapes that will take your breath away. In the Valleys you will find the ideal plan to share with your family or friends and you will discover one of the hidden secrets of this amazing region of Spain.

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