Spain Destinations: Top Beaches in The Basque Country

The Basque Country is a region in northern Spain and part of southern France, near the Pyrenees. The Basques have a unique culture, language and many traditions that differ from their Spanish and French neighbors. They are one of the oldest ethnic groups in Europe and speak one of the oldest living languages.

Today we will take a short tour through some of the top beaches in this amazing region:

  1. Lekeitio, a small town with a few special beaches and crystal clear turquoise water, has a long fishing tradition and was known for its brave whale hunters. What makes this area so striking and unique is its geography, where the river meets the ocean, it forms a stunning landscape with a a sandy beach on each side of the river’s mouth.
Lekeitio Beach

2. Laga is one of the nicest soft, golden sand beaches surrounded by some rock formations and pine trees. One of the wildest beaches in the Basque Country, is part of the Biosphere Reserve and a popular surfing spot. Even though it is quite isolated and far from nearby tourist centers, it can get quite crowded in the summer months.

Laga Beach

3. Sopelana is a striking red sand beach, with no buildings around it and wonderful green slopes and cliffs. It is only 30 minutes from Bilbao and you can take the subway from the city and then walk or take a bus directly to the beach. The access can be difficult for people with mobility issues as there are stairs to get down.

Sopelana Beach

4. Azkorri is maybe the most difficult beach to access but it is also the cleanest as it is far from urban areas. It is located in an exceptional natural landscape surrounded by cliffs and pretty grass dunes, as well as fine dark sand. It is ideal for surfing and nudism is also allowed.

Azkorri Beach

5. Laida, almost a kilometre-long beach of fine golden sand, offers varied activities such as canoeing, sailing and surfing. Because of its shallow water in some areas it is ideal for children. Way up the stretch of sand there is a beautiful dune from where you can enjoy an excellent view of the mouth of the estuary, with the island of Izaro in the distance.

Laida Beach

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