Spain Getaways: Top Hotels Certified For Stargazing

Torre Del Visco Hotel

A converted medieval estate located in Teruel, La Torre del Visco is a genuine hideaway to experience beauty and quiet. La Torre del Visco dates from the early 15th century, likely property of the Spanish Knights Templar of the Order of Calatrava, and was originally built as a defensive watchtower. This fascinating history was discovered by owners Jemma and Piers in 1993 when looking for a property to convert into a country retreat. Its location surrounded by pristine nature and open skies is a perfect place for stargazing.

Monasterio El Olivar

Also located in Teruel this monastery offers the traveler inner peace, close contact with nature and privileged views of the night sky. You can stay in the monastery itself and experience the simple and functional style of the rooms with no TV, bar or any other amenities except for a bed and a bathroom. If you find that too spartan-like you can also stay in some of the “apartments” which are converted stables in the property but have the conveniences of modern life. Whatever option you choose you will not be disappointed.

Casa Del Altozano

This rural house is located in Sierra de Gredos, a beautiful Nature Reserve Park in Avila. Even though the house is new construction, it was built using old techniques and local materials such as: stone, pine and chestnut wood, Arabic tiles, etc. The interior is rustic with a modern touch to make it comfortable and cozy. Outdoors, they have their own astronomical observatory called Polaris. This one of a kind retreat was awarded the Best Starlight Hotel of 2020.

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