Coolest Swings With A View in Galicia, Spain

Ribeira Sacra, Lugo., Spain Photo; Bodega Terra Brava

I’m going to show you some of the most espectacular swings in Galicia, Spain. One that has gone totally viral is located inside a private winery in Ribeira Sacra, a region well known for its magnificent views and excellent wines. If you are not afraid of heights and want to give it a try you must visit the Terra Brava (Brave Land) winery and pay 20€ for a tour that includes: wine and cheese tasting, enjoying the famous swing and a bottle of wine for free!

Ribeira Sacra, Lugo, Spain

Cambados is an attractive town in the south of Galicia , Spain and home to one of the most important groups of nobility manor houses and wineries. Close by, there is a beautiful white sand beach with a swing from which you can contemplate incredible sunsets.

Cambados, Pontevedra, Spain
Cambados, Pontevedra, Spain. Photo: Hugo Sanchez Iglesias

This panoramic view of Vigo, in the south of Galicia, was the inspiration for a family who wanted to give their son a special birthday present in 2020. Pablo, the 11 year old boy who loves to contemplate sunsets, was totally amazed with this simple swing made of wood and rope and with his name engraved on the wooden seat. Since then, it has been visited and photographed by thousands of people and hopefully it will stay there for many years to come.

Pablo’s swing
Pablo’s swing

We are now back to Ribeira Sacra in Lugo, Spain. This fairly new viewpoint has become a great attraction for visitors to the Ribeira Sacra. Its name in Galician is Bambán do Solpor (sunset swing), as from here you can see the most beautiful sunsets in the area. It was the idea of three neighbors who wanted to share with the world the espectacular views they had been enjoying all their lives.

Located in Vilanova de Cerveira, Portugal, on the other side of the Galician border, this set of swings has panoramic views of the Miño River flowing into the Atlantic. Last summer, authorities had to block access to the area due to the numerous tourists and instagrammers flocking to the swings to take photos.

Vilanova de Cerveira
Vilanova de Cerveira

Not far from Vilanova de Cerveira, there is this river beach called Playa da Lenta where you can find “Sogra” (mother-in-law) a charming cafe with a swing facing the Miño River in a serene and peaceful environment.

Playa da Lenta
Playa da Lenta

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