Spain Destinations: Cuevas Del Drach, Mallorca

These amazing caves are located on the east coast of Mallorca in the village of Porto Cristo. There are four stunning natural beauties that are interconnected: the Black Cave, the White Cave, the Cave of Luis Salvador, and the French Cave. Hidden under the caves there is a huge lake over 115 meters long, considered one of the largest subterranean lakes in Europe.

The caves were first explored by cartographer and speleologist M. F. Will in 1880 and, years later, by French speleologist E.A. Martel in 1896. The rain slowly seeps through walls and creates small chambers full of spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.

Visits to Cuevas del Drach take around an hour and include a live classical music concert. Incredible lighting effects clearly reveal the shapes and outlines of the stalagmites and stalactites, and sound effects help to create a mood of magical mystery. 

Due to Covid restrictions the boat trips inside the caves are cancelled but the tours and live concerts still take place.

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