Spain Destinations: Guara National Park, Adventure Sports Paradise

Sierra de Guara is the largest protected natural space in Aragón, a region in the northeast of Spain close to the Pyrenees. This mountain range, loaded with spectacularly beautiful spots, is a real paradise for adventure sports enthusiasts. It attracts thousands of sport tourism, hikers and wildlife lovers every year.

Photo: Roberto Atencia

The wonder of this Natural Park is not in the height of its peaks but in the depths of its canyons, sculpted over millions of years by rivers, rain and wind. You will find amazing vertical walls, pronounced crests and open cavities in the rocky peaks which are perfect for extreme climbing.

Canyoning is an outdoor activity which consists on following a riverbed, exploring and overcoming the challenges by combining swimming, jumping, diving, climbing, walking and rappelling. Guara National Park features some of the most beautiful canyon descents in Europe.

Photo: Carlos Vidal Arque

If you are not into extreme sports there are also other options to enjoy this outstanding landscape. You can go on guided excursions or explore on your own. There are many hidden rivers, canyons, caves, and Medieval villages to discover!

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