Spain Destinations: Caceres, A Picturesque Medieval City

Photo: Turismo Extremadura

Caceres, located in the Extremadura region, is considered to be one of the most picturesque and beautiful cities in Spain. Surrounded by medieval walls, grand mansions, Renaissance palaces and churches, it has a well deserved World Heritage City Award and has been a filming location for The Game of Thrones series.


  • The Old Town
  • The Jewish Quarter
  • Los Golfines Palace
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Best Time To Visit
The best time for a visit to Caceres are the spring months between March and June and the early fall months of September and October. Summer months are really hot and winters are cold but with temperatures that rarely drop below freezing.

1. The Old Town

The first traces of the city date back to the Roman period, although there were human settlements here even before that time. During the 13th and 14th centuries, many noble families from northern Spain found Cáceres to be the ideal location to build their stately homes.  Some of the most spectacular and oldest buildings of Caceres lie within the medieval walls of the Old Town. Plaza Mayor Square is the epicenter of the city and one of the biggest in Spain. There you will find a number of bars and terraces always buzzing with people.

Plaza Mayor. Photo: JMSE
Old Town. Photo: Turismo Extremadura
Old Town. Photo: Shutterstock

2. The Jewish Quarter

Just to the south-east of the old town you find the  Jewish Quarter. It is a peaceful, quiet, centuries-old neighborhood with narrow cobbled streets and whitewashed houses. The small gardens and the olive grove, the most visited part of the Jewish Quarter, provide color among the whitewashed houses and give a sense of peace to visitors.

Jewish Quarter. Photo: Carmelo Jorda
Jewish Quarter. Photo: Turismo Caceres

3. Los Golfines Palace

This palace was used as the residence of the Catholic Monarchs on their visits to Caceres.  It has a Gothic structure, consistent with the model of fortress-houses that were built during the 15th century. The Palace Museum  offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn how aristocratic families in medieval Cáceres lived. You can take a tour through the interior of the palace and contemplate the French style decoration, a collection of Flemish art, and some invaluable historical documents.

Los Golfines Palace

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