Spain Getaways: Butron Castle, Basque Country


This magnificent castle is located in Gatika, Basque Country, on a hill sitting on some rocks, surrounded by a hundred-year-old forest and just about 25 min by car from Bilbao. In the 13th century it was a tower-house and the Fifth Lord of Butrón transformed it into a castle in the 14th century. For over three hundred years, the castle was the scene of non-stop bloody fights between two sides of the Basque Country’s nobility. 

Photo: Ander Abadia Zallo

By the middle of the 19th century, the 7th Marquis de la Torrecilla decided to give a new life to the, by then, derelict complex.  The Neo-Gothic style was prominent, to which a combination of styles were added, inspired by the center and north of Europe and seen in Spanish cities like Segovia with its Alcazar. Gradually, the strange building took shape.

Photo: Enekochan

Tourist Attraction

Currently, the castle is owned by the private group INBISA, who bought the castle for around a million and a half euros. They used to organize private events and it was the setting for several films and commercials. Unfortunately, the castle is now closed to the public and you can only visit the exterior. There is an equestrian facility nearby where you can book horse riding tours to the castle and its surroundings.

Photo: Iñaki Rojo Legarra

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