Spain Getaways: Fall Travel Bucket List

Muniellos Forest, Asturias

This is the largest Oak tree forest in Spain, located in the northern region of Asturias and one of the best preserved in Europe, is home to truly unspoiled nature. To preserve its exceptional state, visits are restricted to groups of twenty people a day and must be booked in advance on the official website of the Government of the Principality of Asturias. Learn more about the area:

Tejera Negra Forest, Guadalajara

This is the southernmost beech tree forest in Europe. Located in Guadalajara, the beech trees of Tejera Negra are a must see if you are spending some time in Madrid. Conserved in an exceptional microclimate and integrated in the Sierra Norte de Guadalajara Natural Park, it is an amazing place to visit in fall. You must reserve a parking space near the forest for 4 euros and, from there, there is an incredible path that goes into the forest across the river and then up the mountain, a total of 7 km in a circular route.

Irati Forest, Navarra

Irati Forest, located in the northern region of Navarra, is the second largest forest of beech and spruce trees and one of the best preserved in Europe, surpassed only by Germany’s Black Forest. This area is an ideal place for activities close to nature like hiking and mountain biking. Learn more about Navarra:

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