Spain Destinations: The Basque Country Coastline

Sakoneta Beach
What to Visit: Sakoneta and Zumaia in Guipuzcoa
Where to Stay: Hotel Flysch in Zumaia

Sakoneta Beach

On the coast of Deva, in the Guipúzcoa province near San Sebastian, you find this geological wonder, which is part of the Deba-Zumaia bio-reserve, an eight-kilometer slice of cliffs with a unique landscape. Formed about 100 million to 65 million years ago, it is a thick plate of limestone and sandstone rock called Flysch, which gives the landscape its ‘groovy’ texture. As part of the Flysch Route, you can join some of the organized tours along the unspoiled and dramatic coastline, which was a location for The Game of Thrones.

Photo: Tropter
Photo: Tropter

Zumaia Beach

Zumaia is in a privileged location on the Guipúzcoa coast very close to Sakoneta. One of Zumaia’s best-known attractions is its geological heritage. Its unique rock formations are one of the main reasons why it forms part of the Basque Coast UNESCO Global Geopark, since it is one of the best places in the world to learn about the history of our planet. Going on a guided walking or boat tour will help you discover more about Zumaia’s geological heritage. Guided tours are available at (prior booking is a must). 

Zumaia. Photo:

Hotel Flysch, Zumaia

Hotel Flysch is a newly built construction (2017) in the town of Zumaia, with unbeatable views and only meters from the authentic Zumaia Flysch. The location is fantastic, only a few minutes walk to the beautiful beach and it is well connected to other emblematic coastal towns by public transport and train. Prices: 75,00 € to 120,00€.

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