Spain Getaways: The Grand Luxury Transcantabrico Train

The Train

The Transcantabrico luxury train was the first tourist train in Spain and it was converted into a luxury train in 2011. The International Society of Railway Travelers included it in the ranking of the 25 best trains in the world. Imagine a luxury hotel on rails that takes you to the nostalgia and charm of 20th century trains, but with the technology and comfort of the 21st century. 

The Transcantabrico takes only 28 passengers, and thereby offers an intimate travel experience. Four spectacular salons cars, built more than a century ago, are integrated into the Transcantábrico train: The Tea Room, the Panorama car and the entertainment room are the ideal setting to relax with a drink, read, enjoy live evening entertainment or simply admire the beauty of the landscape. The train has 14 magnificent Deluxe Suites with spacious rooms decorated in wood and luxurious upholstery that create a very cozy and comfortable space. They are distributed into a living room, a bedroom and a private bathroom. 

The Route

Unlike most private trains, El Transcantabrico covers a modest distance: 400 miles along the northern regions of Spain on an unforgettable 8 day trip. There are two different starting points: Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) and San Sebastian (Basque Country).

During the trip you’ll go through green valleys and spectacular coastal mountains, meadows, roads, forests and rivers that appear through your window like a sequence of postcards. The train stops at unique destinations where you can take the programmed guided tours, always accompanied by a multilingual guide, or explore on your own. The day ends with dinner on the train where there is on-board entertainment, various live performances, and also cultural and gastronomic activities. The train remains parked at night to ensure passengers a good night’s rest.


These are Renfe, the state-owned railway company in Spain, prices for 2022. For more information go to:

Accommodation8 days and 7 nights
Price per person in Suite Gran Lujo (Grand Luxury Suite)5.775 €
Individual add-on4.330 €
Triple Suite Gran Lujo (Grand Luxury Triple Suite) Add-on (*) Child or Adult2.675 €

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