Spain Destinations: Royal Palace Of San Ildefonso In Segovia

Royal Palace Of San Idelfonso

Segovia is a World Heritage City northwest of Madrid, with unique sights and about a half an hour drive from Madrid, which makes it a perfect one-day excursion from the capital.

Philip V, the first Bourbon to reign in Spain, fell in love with this beautiful site in 1717 and decided to build a palace and gardens, decorated with sculptures and fountains that reminded him of his childhood in the French court of his grandfather, Louis XIV. The first design featured a traditional Spanish style of the palace, which contrasts with the radically French style of the gardens created by a disciple of Louis XIV’s designer. In 1736, the Italian architect Filippo Juvarra was summoned to create a new facade aligned with the central line of the garden. The end result is one of the best examples of the monarchic splendor of the 18th century.

Visit The Palace Of San Ildefonso

The rooms of the palace of San Ildefonso currently open to the public correspond to the former royal apartments, located on the two floors that open onto the east face. Although the palace suffered a devastating fire in 1918, it still retains almost all the fresco decorations from the time of Philip V.

The beautiful gardens in the palace of San Ildefonso were designed in French style, including 26 monumental fountains, a French-style maze, and a huge pond. The fountains are only turned on in full three days of the year in May, July and August, although some are operated during certain times in the summer.

Schedule and Prices

  • Winter hours (October to March). From Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Summer hours (April to September). From Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 – 19:00
  • Box office and admission to the Palace close one hour earlier
  • Weekly closing: Mondays
  • Basic Admission is 9 €. You can book a guided visit by paying an extra 4 € per person.

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