Spain Dining Guide: Leña (Marbella) Most Beautiful Restaurant In The World

According to The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2021, Leña Restaurant and Steakhouse in Marbella, Spain, is the overall most beautiful restaurant in the world. Its owner, renowned chef Dani Garcia, is one of the Spanish chefs with the greatest international projection to this day. Dani defines himself as an ‘an artisan of flavor’ and has achieved 3 Michelin stars. His next project is Casa Dani, a new restaurant in NYC that offers avant-garde cuisine and a menu featuring items inspired by Spain’s Mediterranean south. It will open this fall 2021.

The Design (Photos by Salva Lopez)

Leña is a unique place with a privileged location within the Puente Romano Hotel, where its new design and concept has gained popularity in almost no time.  Leña has been beautifully designed by Estudio Astet. It’s all about wood, stone and fire, in brown and black tones. The dim light creates the feeling that each ring is on fire and reminds us that fire is present in the kitchen and in the environment. Using wood and tree trunks in the design creates a completely different environment and a unique sensory experience.

As you enter the restaurant, you realize that Leña is something unique. The façade, with its black circular metallic forms resemble the shape of rings found in chopped firewood. The transparent glass overlaps with amber glass with a pyramidal texture that was exclusively designed by Astet studio for Leña, which adds interesting optical effects.

The Menu

When creating the menu, Dani Garcia is all about the raw material and its versatility on the grill, but with a highly personal touch and a real international influence, born from the chef’s travels and experiences around the world. The steakhouse is extraordinary in the art of creating dishes that are all about meat. The display of food preparation takes place in the kitchen area that faces the customers so you can enjoy a performance from the chefs as they prepare the food right in front of you.

The mini burgers, steak tartare, and chocolate mousse cake are a local favorite. The range per person is 42 €. You need to book in advance as it is always packed!

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  1. Wow! That sounds inviting to go. Here in my town of MX, there is the
    clon of that magnificent Spain restaurant, its name: “Leña y carbón “ 😜😄😂 Super tiny but everything made of wood.

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