Spain Getaways: A Retreat By The River

Ribeira Sacra (Sacred Riverside) is a region located in northern Galicia, Spain, famous for its vineyards and incredible landscapes. This amazing rural home has everything you need to enjoy the peace and quiet surrounded by impressive views.

Casa Morriña (Melancholy House)

A secret paradise, a historic place where monks retreated to achieve an ascetic lifestyle in the wilderness, welcome to Casa Morriña! This remodeled stone house by the river will take your breath away. From the moment you enter the living room you are drawn to the magnificent views of the river.

The house features two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms on the second floor and a full kitchen, dining room and a patio on the main floor. This is perfect for adults and, even though children are allowed, it is not recommended as the house has stairs and the patio is right by the river without any kind of protective barrier.

In the summer you can take a swim in the river directly from the patio. The water is calm and there is no current as it is located near a dam. You can also go fishing, rent a kayak, or a boat. Price per night according to Airbnb is 269€.

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