Spain Destinations: Top Sights in Zaragoza

Check out the top sights in Zaragoza for your next trip! The city of Zaragoza is located in the northeastern part of Spain, in the region of Aragón. It’s not as well known as some other big cities, even though it is the fifth largest city in Spain.

Basilica Del Pilar

Zaragoza is home to tons of grand monuments, palaces and houses as well as one the best tapas and bar scenes in the country. One of the most beautiful monuments is the Basilica del Pilar, a shrine of the Virgin Mary and the oldest in the world dedicated to her.

La Seo Cathedral

If you have limited time in the city, you have to visit the Basilica and La Seo Cathedral at the very least, as they are the top sights in Zaragoza. First of all, climb the tower to admire the view of the whole city. The best photos of the exterior can be taken from the Puente de Piedra bridge.

Best Tapas

For lunch, you can choose from the numerous restaurants in the area near the square, the Calle Mayor or the Calle del Coso and enjoy some classic tapas. If you walk around the areas near Plaza de Santa Marta and La Magdalena, you will soon understand the reasons why the locals enjoy their city so much.

In the mean time enjoy this video with the top sights in Zaragoza!

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